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How to start new quests?

All new questline guides gonna be on the forum.

I found a bug!

Go to bug report section and tell us about the bug.

I have a guild, will we have cash shop stuff or another bonus for moving to your server from another server?

No. All players should be with equal rights.

Is there exist wasd movement?

There is not and will be not ever WASD movement.

I have a problem

Create a ticket in support section, write your rite full description of your problem and we will help you.

Where can i take a look on update log?

On our discord server, in launcher news and on the forum.

Someone said that you are doing this stuff and not doing this stuff. think about this stuff and do not even think about other stuff.

Only we can provide official information, no one else.

What is trading cards for?

Trading cards used in crafts and something more. Every mob can drop his card. Like for example: Any Ancient Priest can drop Ancient Priest trading card.

Which epic is the server/is that a downgrade from 8./9.?

This 7.2 server based on original 7.2 files but edited. This is NOT downgraded last epics.